Prevail Underpads offer a reliable and convenient solution for managing incontinence and protecting surfaces. Choose the right option for your needs and experience the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected from leaks and spills.


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Prevail Underpads are designed to provide extra leak protection for beds, chairs, and other surfaces, offering peace of mind for both you and your loved ones experiencing incontinence. Here’s a closer look at their key features and benefits:

Ultimate Absorbency:

  • Super absorbent core: The thick and absorbent pad effectively soaks up spills and leaks, preventing moisture from reaching through to the surface below.
  • Leakage barriers: Some models feature integrated leak guards for added protection against overflows and spills, ensuring even greater security.
  • Odor control: Advanced odor neutralizers help eliminate unpleasant smells, maintaining a fresher environment.

Comfort and Versatility:

  • Soft and quilted surface: The gentle top layer provides comfort for those lying or sitting on the pad, minimizing irritation and skin contact with wetness.
  • Waterproof backing: The bottom layer is leakproof, preventing fluids from soaking through and damaging furniture or bedding.
  • Multiple sizes and styles: Available in various sizes and formats to suit different needs and surfaces, from bed pads to chair liners and booster pads.

Additional Features:

  • Integra Mat construction: Bonded construction minimizes top sheet separation and clumping, keeping the pad smooth and comfortable.
  • Moisture-proof barrier: Offers secondary protection against leaks, especially suitable for use with absorbent underwear or briefs.
  • Discreet and disposable: The pads are lightweight and easy to dispose of, promoting hygiene and convenience.

Choosing the Right Prevail Underpad:

  • Level of absorbency: Consider the severity of incontinence and the potential amount of leakage to determine the appropriate absorbency level for your needs.
  • Size and format: Choose a size and format that fits the intended surface, offering adequate coverage and protection.
  • Personal preferences: Opt for features like quilted surfaces, leak guards, or specific sizes based on your comfort and needs.


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